Discover our Cancer Serum Biobank for a broad range of investigations

Cancer Serum Biobank

Scientists looking for cancer biomarkers can find the solution for their research needs with the Mayo Clinic Cancer Serum Biobank:

  • 85 malignant and benign conditions, plus normal controls
  • Pre-treatment samples
  • Blood serum from 17,000 Mayo Clinic patients
  • Diagnosis and treatment data
  • „ICDO morphology „grade, CPDS stage and status of tumor at time of draw, where applicable
  • Collected between 1975 to 1990
  • Superb quality standard
  • Test samples available
  • IRB approved



A high-quality collection of serum samples representing 85 malignant and benign diagnoses


  • More than 23,000 specimens from over 16,000 Mayo Clinic patients
  • 47% Female, 53% Male
  • Control samples include serum from:
    • Healthy patients
    • Patients with non-tumor disease
  • Serum from patients with tumor disease include:
    • Benign
    • Malignant
    • Malignant with no evidence of disease

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