Does Precision Medicine Hold “Cure” for Cancer? Mayo Clinic’s Wyatt Decker, M.D., Joins Experts to Discuss

By Ann Marie Jahn
April 28, 2015

Earlier this year, President Barack Obama called for a $215 million dollar investment in precision medicine with $70 million of that focused on National Cancer Institute activities to use genomics to improve cancer treatment. Mayo Clinic has been at the forefront of an individualized medicine strategy using state-of-the-art genomics, pharmacogenomics and other approaches for some time.

Mayo Clinic continues to be a leader in the research that is driving new treatment approaches for patients with melanoma, lung, and blood cancers, as well as chronic diseases like cystic fibrosis and diabetes. Personalized medicine — also known as individualized medicine — may involve molecularly targeted drugs and immunotherapies to produce better outcomes for patients. Read the full post on the Center for Individualized Medicine’s blog.