Stephen Thibodeau, PhD

Photo of Stephen Thibodeau, PhD
'We give you innovative solutions to your scientific challenges, using high quality practices, collaboration, and our scientific expertise. Mayo Clinic has been making medical research advances for 150 years...we continue this tradition.'

Professor of Laboratory Med/Pathology
College of Medicine
Consultant, Laboratory Medicine

Dr. Thibodeau is a professor of laboratory medicine and pathology at the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine. He is also co-director of the Molecular Genetics Laboratory, a clinical laboratory in the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology. In addition, he is a member of the Division of Medical Genetics. His research focus is understanding the genetics of both prostate cancer and colon cancer. He has explored the use of next-generation sequencing technologies for the discovery of genetic susceptibility genes for both hereditary prostate cancer and hereditary colon cancer.

Jolene Summer Bolster, MA

Photo of Jolene Summer Bolster, MA
'We continuously improve our processes with a ‘make the best better’ approach. Our team has extensive experience in all service lines from laboratory services to storage to Biobank collection and bioethics consulting. We are here to serve you and ensure we exceed your expectations.'

Research Operations Administrator

Jolene has over a decade of clinical laboratory and management experience in genetics, specimen collection, and anatomic pathology. Her educational background includes degrees in Chemistry and an MA in Health and Human Services Management. She facilitates specimen processing and storage initiatives in Arizona, Florida, and Minnesota. She is enthusiastic about creating a world class biorepository facility with a commitment to the highest quality and outstanding service. Her priority is careful handling of specimens because she values researchers' trust and is committed to meeting their needs and expectations.

Donny Dreyer, MBA

Photo of Donny Dreyer, MBA
"I’m proud to work with a team of expert scientists who put the needs of the patient, and the researcher, first."

Sr. Product Manager
Mayo Clinic Bioservices

With a background in entrepreneurial innovation within Mayo's clinical practice, Donny knows how to move fast to support the needs of business. Prior to joining the Center for Individualized Medicine, Donny was a leader of Mayo's Center for Innovation, where he helped build a premier innovation center, which launched new service lines both within Mayo and the external market, He has a graduate degree in business/marketing. Donny would love to tell you about about Mayo Clinic's extraordinary Biobank that is now available to all investigators.

Malinda Woodward

Photo of Malinda Woodward
"We can take your research project from start to finish all under one roof and it will be done right."

Associate Clinical Research Coordinator

Malinda fulfills several key roles on the Business Operations team. Her years of experience with Mayo Clinic in finance and communications fuel her efficiency as she plans and coordinates projects and events for the Biorepositories Program. She enjoys the partnership/collaboration with her team which also carries over to the focus on partnering and collaboration the Bioservices team has with researchers to make all projects successful.

James Cerhan, MD, PhD

Photo of James Cerhan, MD, PhD
"The a-ha moment happens for researchers when they talk to our team and discover the ways we can solve the challenges they face."

Professor of Epidemiology
College of Medicine

Dr. Cerhan’s main research focus is to study the causes and outcomes of cancer in human populations. He is working to identify the causes of lymphoma and other cancers to develop new approaches for its prevention. Building and sustaining a robust infrastructure for human research lowers the cost to patients and families and speeds up translating discoveries, both now and in the future. He is a professor of epidemiology in the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine, chair of the Department of Health Sciences Research. He also leads the Genetic Epidemiology and Risk Assessment Program in the Mayo Clinic Cancer Center and directs the Mayo Clinic Cancer Registry.

Janet Olson, PhD

Photo of Janet Olson, PhD
"We know that advances in research are happening everywhere – team science is the future. We want to open up every possible path for high quality research."

Assistant Professor of Epidemiology
College of Medicine

Dr. Olson studies the causes of breast cancer in women, specifically the genetic underpinnings of what causes breast cancer and survival. She is developing two breast cancer resources, the Biospecimen Resource for Breast Disease and the Mayo Clinic Breast Disease Survivors Study. Data from these resources have contributed to numerous publications concerning the genetic causes of breast cancer.

Richard Sharp, PhD

Photo of Richard Sharp, PhD
"We’ve established a patient-centered governance structure. Our consent is robust. The extent of our commitment to the community, our network and our post-collection communication with participants is truly unique."

Professor of Medicine
College of Medicine

Dr. Sharp examines ethical tensions in medicine and biomedical research. His current research examines how patients and health care providers view new forms of personalized medicine and clinical interventions enabled by molecular diagnostics. Dr. Sharp frequently advises health care organizations on ethical issues and has served on advisory committees for the National Institutes of Health, Institute of Medicine, and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Erin Winkler, MS, CGC

Photo of Erin Winkler, MS, CGC
"Patients want to be part of something bigger, to have a role in improving healthcare."

Genetic Counselor

Erin is a genetic counselor in the Mayo Clinic Center for Individualized Medicine. She received her master’s degree in genetic counseling from the University of Michigan and is board certified by the American Board of Genetic Counseling. She supports the Mayo Clinic Biobank, and is actively involved in governance and oversight, return of research results, and community engagement and education.

Mine Cicek, PhD

Photo of Mine Cicek, PhD
"We emphasize quality; there is a satisfaction in making every project the best it can be."

Assistant Professor of Laboratory Medicine/Pathology, College of Medicine
Laboratory Director

Dr. Cicek’s expertise is in molecular cancer genetics. Her research focus is cancer genetic epidemiology and multiple tumor types. She gives guidance in study design, biospecimen collections and processing. Her focus is improving automation, expanding storage capacity and educating investigators on best practices for biospecimens usage.

Thomas Flotte, MD

Photo of Thomas Flotte, MD
"We meet with you to understand what you need. We have a vast depth of experience in the area of research. We are here to first understand your project, then help you design it to receive the highest quality and most complete results. The key is the upfront planning that we provide in our services."

Professor of Laboratory Medicine/Pathology, College of Medicine
Consultant, Pathology

Dr. Flotte’s expertise is melanoma, skin lymphoma, and laser tissue interactions. He is board certified in Anatomic Pathology, Anatomic Pathology/Dermatopathology and is a Diplomate in the National Board of Medical Examiners. The Pathology Research Core offers histological and tissue-based services .

Jeff Meyer, BS

Photo of Jeff Meyer, BS
"We emphasize state-of-the-art technology – our objective is to deliver consistency and repeatability, which increases the quality of specimens. That high standard of quality is directly passed onto you and enhances the integrity of your research."

Biospecimen Accessioning and Processing Laboratory

Jeff manages the nucleic acid extraction team for the Bioservices lab in MN. Jeff has 17 years of clinical and research laboratory experience working in a CLIA-certified Biochemical Genetics Laboratory.

Jessica Lesko, MA

Photo of Jessica Lesko, MA

Instructor in Laboratory Medicine/Pathology, College of Medicine
Biospecimen Accessioning and Processing Laboratory

Jessica provides day-to-day operational management of biorepository customer support services (BCS), including direct support of the research community for study set-ups, budgets, customer inquiries, and continuity of services between the research community and biorepository laboratory. Her educational background includes medical laboratory technology, cytotechnology, and an MA in Health and Human Services Administration.

Karla Kopp, BS

Photo of Karla Kopp, BS
"I am proud that we are supporting the successful research at Mayo Clinic. There is vast experience and a wide variety of specialties here. The advice you receive here will take your research to the next level. There is also a unique atmosphere of sharing of ideas and collaboration."

Pathology Laboratory

Karla is the Lab Supervisor for the Pathology Lab. She brings her background in molecular genetics to her role in addressing researchers’ needs in sequencing and genotypes. She also works to improve lab efficiency and quality regardless of the project.

Sharon Levey, MSHCA, RN

Photo of Sharon Levey, MSHCA, RN

Research Operations Manager (Arizona)

Sharon is the Operations Manager for the Center for Individualized Medicine in Arizona. One of her responsibilities is to oversee the Arizona based laboratories. Her training as a nurse adds a unique perspective to this team. As an oncology nurse, she sees the progress in treatment made possible by research through Mayo Clinic Bioservices.

Renee Root

Photo of Renee Root
"Researchers can trust our system and know that the results they are getting are of the highest quality. We build your trust by continually improving our systems and processes."

Instructor in Laboratory Medicine/Pathology, College of Medicine
Quality Management Coordinator

Rene is the Quality Management Coordinator for our Biorepository operation. Her primary focus is to implement quality principles and standards. She is passionate about bringing high level quality standards from the clinical patient testing laboratory to the research arena so that research customers benefit from the same quality processes that are in place for Mayo Clinic patients. She is an ASCP certified Cytotechnologist with over 20 years of experience as a cytotechnologist, quality specialist, and supervisor.

Ann E. McCullough, MD

Photo of Ann E. McCullough, MD

Assistant Professor of Laboratory Medicine/Pathology, College of Medicine
Consultant, Pathology

Dr. McCullough’s expertise is HER2 positive breast cancer. She has numerous publications and is board certified in Anatomic Pathology, Clinical Pathology, Clinical Pathology/Hematology, and Clinical Pathology/Blood Banking/Transfusion Medicine.

Andras Khoor, MD, PhD

Photo of Andras Khoor, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor of Laboratory Medicine/Pathology, College of Medicine
Division of Laboratory Medicine

Dr. Khoor’s interests are clinicopathologic aspects of neoplastic and non-neoplastic lung diseases, identifying cell markers in lung tumors, and many other aspects of lung cancer. He is board certified in Anatomic Pathology and a Mayo Clinic Quality Fellow: with Bronze Certification.

Josh Spencer, MBA

Photo of Josh Spencer, MBA

Information Technology Program Manager
Research Operations

Josh manages the team that oversees the information management aspects of the laboratory. He has earned degrees in Molecular Biology and an MBA. This combination gives him a unique perspective and ability to support the lab by managing the data from a scientific and information technology aspect. He enjoys working with the laboratory and contributing to the work that benefits patients and the research within and outside the Mayo Clinic.

Alex Parker, PhD

Photo of Alex Parker, PhD

Professor of Epidemiology and Urology, College of Medicine
Consultant, Research

Dr. Parker's interest and involvement with Bioservices stems from his focus on how genetics and the environment contribute to a person's risk of developing kidney cancer. His academic background includes degrees in biology and chemistry and preventive and environmental health. He focused on renal cell carcinoma and gene mutation for this doctorate work in epidemiology. Currently, his research directly improves the care and outcomes for kidney cancer patients. Developing biomarker panels guides patient care and management for those undergoing surgery for kidney cancer. Investigating more-individualized treatments for metastatic kidney cancer and examining ways to enhance quality of life helps patients after their diagnosis and treatment.

Leslie E. Dixon. BS

Photo of Leslie E. Dixon. BS
"I am committed to my job which facilitates the translation of science for the betterment of the patients."

Research Core Coordinator
Mayo Clinic (Arizona)

Leslie supervises the Arizona Pathology Research Core and Biobank. She has a degree in Biological Sciences with a minor in Anatomy, and holds an HTL (ASCP) certification. She has worked in both the clinical and research side of histology for over 20 years. Her lab experience includes over 18 years at the Mayo Clinic and prior to that at the University of Colorado.

Melanie Yrjo, BS

Photo of Melanie Yrjo, BS

Research Operations Manager

Melanie is the Operations Manager for the Biospecimen Accessioning and Processing Lab, as well as the Pathology Research Core Lab in Rochester. She is a strategic leader, coordinating operational support between the Arizona, Florida, and Rochester labs. Melanie has over 18 years of laboratory experience at Mayo Clinic.

Jessica Erbsen

Photo of Jessica Erbsen

Biospecimen Accessioning and Processing Laboratory

Jessica leads the Sample Processing laboratory which is comprised of automated sample processing and peripheral blood mononuclear cell (PBMC) processing. Jessica has ten years of experience in laboratory operations, including liquid handler automation and small molecule mass spectroscopy method development. Her educational background includes a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry.

Krista Anderson, BS

Photo of Krista Anderson, BS

Biospecimen Accessioning and Processing Laboratory

Krista provides day-to-day operational management of laboratory activities of Shipping and Storage (SAS), long-term storage of samples in a variety of storage units, and retrieval and shipment of samples housed within the Bio repository Additionally, Krista manages the creation and distribution of research collection kits. Krista has 7 years of experience in the clinical labs having worked as a Laboratory Assistant, Clinical Laboratory Technologist and Assistant Supervisor prior to assuming her role as a BAP Supervisor in December 2017.

Amber Bridgeman, MB (ASCP)

Photo of Amber Bridgeman, MB (ASCP)

Instructor in Laboratory Medicine/Pathology, College of Medicine
Biospecimen Accessioning and Processing Laboratory

Amber brings 9 years of clinical laboratory management experience to the role, with a background in Molecular Anatomy and Molecular Anatomic Pathology.