Lab Services

Quality, collaboration, and science are fundamental to us at Mayo Clinic Bioservices.

"The organization support you provide – the fine details of how to collect, process, store and ship – is truly valuable for foundations like ours."

Mayo Clinic Bioservices client

Science, technology and quality are vital to basic, translational, and epidemiological research.   They are fundamental to Mayo Clinic’s laboratories, and support the exacting needs of Mayo Clinic clinicians and scientists.

We are dedicated to improving health through research.

  • Our team-focused staff is dedicated to solving your research problems
  • We invest in training our staff to meet the world-class quality levels required by Mayo Clinic researchers
  • Our laboratory is highly automated; our focus on technology ensures predictable, uniform processes, resulting is high quality
  • As part of Mayo Clinic’s Center for Individualized Medicine, we offer researchers access to a full suite of downstream genomic services, including gene expression, genotyping, next generation sequencing, proteomics and cytogenetics

Biospecimen Processing

65,000 square feet, 830,000 samples processed a year, configured to store 70 million specimens

"We can help. If your project is small or large, or your time frame is long or short; We work with all project types, with consistency. You will see the same quality data and services for each project and each patient."

Karla Kopp, Laboratory Supervisor, Mayo Clinic Bioservices

  • Consultation on study-specific needs
  • Biospecimen accessioning
  • Electronic biospecimen tracking in our LIMS system
  • DNA and RNA extraction and quantification
  • Processing of blood and bodily fluids
  • PBMC processing
  • Access to clinical laboratory processing through Mayo Medical Laboratories (CLIA)
  • Downstream services include gene expression, genotyping, next generation sequencing, proteomics and cytogenetics through Mayo Clinic’s Center for Individualized Medicine

Pathology Services

Design. Analyze. Advance.

"We are researchers; we’ve been in the trenches so we can meet with you in the design phase."

Thomas Flotte, MD
Pathology Lab Director, Mayo Clinic Bioservices

  • Tissue handling of paraffin-embedded (FFPE) and frozen samples
  • Immunohistochemistry (IHC)
  • Custom optimization of new antibodies
  • Tissue microarray (TMA) construction
  • Digital imaging and analysis

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